Nomad America Adventure Rentals
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Nomad America Adventure Rentals

Nomad America 4×4 rentals Costa Rica gives you the possibility of your own extraordinary Costa Rica road-trip adventure in awesome 4x4's such as Jeep Wranglers, Nissan Xterras and Land Rover Defenders. Rent off-road 4×4 vehicles ideal for local roads fully equipped with camping, cooking and sports gear: all-inclusive road-trip.

Explore and camp Costa Rica off the beaten path.

Be where you want to be. Always.

Equipment List:
Full Extras 5-doors
Beastly 4×4 Access ALL of Costa Rica
ARB Roof Top Tent + optional off-road cart
Full Roll-Cage + ARB front bumper
8 Powerful Halogen Lights for safe night driving
On-board Wi-Fi + Great Sound-system
5 person camping+ cooking gear
Roof Top Shower
3.5m ARB Awning
Mud-Terrain or All-Terrain Tires

If your into going wherever you want whenever you want Nomad America is for you. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all off-road and camping gear needed for any unexpected adventure. We are the only all inclusive car-roadtrip-camp-cook + eat-explore option where you will always be in command of your personal adventure. We offer pick up and drop off locations in all airports in Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Panama as well as any hotel on the Pacific Coast.

We offer pre-designed itineraries as well for 6 - 10 - 14 and 20 day trips if you would like to know where to drive and where to sleep at designated campsites. These itineraries are merely suggestions and you have absolute freedom any day, any night.
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